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Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, boasts not just natural beauty but also a thriving community of creative talent. Among them stands Josh Mayorga, a freelance WordPress designer whose expertise can help you craft a website that truly shines. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, an established business, or a passionate artist, Josh’s dedication to creating functional, visually stunning websites can turn your online vision into reality.

Josh Mayorga – WordPress Designer

I’m Currently Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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But why choose a local freelance designer like Josh, you might ask? Here are some compelling reasons:

Minnesota Savvy: With a deep understanding of the local market and its trends, Josh brings an insider’s perspective to your project. He’ll create a website that resonates with Minnesota aesthetics and preferences, ensuring it connects effectively with your target audience.

Personalized Touch: Building a website is a collaborative journey. Working with a local designer like Josh fosters closer communication and deeper understanding. You can expect face-to-face interactions, allowing you to share your unique needs and visions directly, leading to a website that truly reflects your brand.

Flexibility and Support: The convenience of local collaboration can’t be understated. Scheduling consultations, addressing urgent requests, and receiving ongoing support becomes simpler and more efficient. You’ll have direct access to Josh, ensuring a smooth and responsive development process.

Supporting Local Talent: Choosing Josh means contributing to the growth of Minnesota’s design scene. You’ll be empowering a skilled individual within your community while receiving top-notch website design services.

What Services Does Josh Offer?

Josh’s expertise goes beyond simply building websites. He offers a comprehensive range of services to fulfill your unique needs:

  • Custom WordPress Theme Design: Ditch the generic themes and get a website that’s as unique as you are. Josh will work closely with you to understand your brand, target audience, and desired functionality, then craft a bespoke theme that perfectly reflects your vision.
  • WordPress Website Development: From simple brochure websites to complex e-commerce platforms, Josh has the skills to build a website that meets your specific requirements. He can seamlessly integrate all the necessary plugins and functionalities to ensure your website runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Website Maintenance and Updates: Keeping your WordPress website secure, updated, and performing optimally is crucial. Josh offers ongoing maintenance and update packages to ensure your website remains safe and delivers a seamless user experience.
  • SEO Optimization: Attract more organic traffic to your website with strategic SEO optimization. Josh can help you identify relevant keywords, optimize your content, and improve your website’s structure for better search engine ranking.
  • Content Creation and Management: Don’t have the time or skills to create high-quality content for your website? Josh can assist you with blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions, and more, ensuring your website has engaging and informative content.

Why Choose Josh

Beyond the compelling reasons to choose a local designer, here are some specific advantages of working with Josh:

  • A Passion for Design: Josh’s passion for design shines through in every project. He takes pride in creating websites that are not only functional but also visually captivating, leaving a lasting impression on your visitors.
  • Proven Track Record: Visit Josh’s website,, to explore his portfolio. You’ll find an impressive range of projects showcasing his versatility and expertise in crafting websites tailored to diverse industries and needs.
  • Clear Communication: Josh believes in clear and open communication throughout the project. He’ll keep you informed, address your concerns promptly, and ensure you’re completely satisfied with the final outcome.
  • Competitive Rates: Josh offers competitive rates and flexible packages to accommodate your budget. He strives to make high-quality web design accessible to businesses and individuals of all sizes.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re looking for a Freelance WordPress Designer in Minnesota who can transform your website vision into reality, contact Josh today. He’s dedicated to collaborating with you to create a website that not only looks stunning but also helps you achieve your online goals. Visit his website or schedule a consultation to discuss your project and bring your dream website to life!

Josh Mayorga – WordPress Designer

I’m Currently Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Contact me today to get started on your project.